Products & Services

Manager Services

  • Solicit and analyze bids,
  • Answering and responding to phone calls, emails & mail.
  • Process mail incoming or outgoing.
  • Providing the Board of directors with a Budget draft prior to next fiscal year.
  • Enforcement of association bylaws with board approval.
  • Seasonal site “walkabout”


Administrative Services

  • Annual meeting notification.
  • Maintaining unit files on each unit owner.

  • Corporate filing.
  • Working with association boards to secure loans for large projects.
  • Provide Pay-off & Status letter to title closing, (fees & charges do apply)
  • Archive Association records.

  • Track Collection &Violations.
  • Alteration Modification request forms.
  • Updating the signature card as required by the association’s bank.
  • Provide new owners with all rules/policy/regulations.
  • Obtain letters of engagement from CPA’s.
  • Distribute to the membership the annual financial review & budget.
  • Deposit all payments to the proper accounts weekly.  
  • Prepare billing statements / coupons to homeowners.
  • Process and pay utility bills and vendors for work performed under contract.
  • Collect regular and additional assessments.

Emergency Services

  • Emergency Customer Services available 24-7.

Contract Terms

River’s Edge Management Services does not require a long term management agreement. Client satisfaction is our number one objective. Our management agreement provides for a 30 or 60 day notice to terminate, having no hidden cancellation fees or costs.